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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Do your wisdom teeth hurt? Schedule an appointment today for a pain free experience.

Providing a pain free experience!

Wisdom Teeth Extractions/Teeth Extractions

Do you have a tooth that is aching? Do you feel your wisdom teeth erupting and causing discomfort? Dr. Mullenaux provides a pain free experience and can do most teeth and wisdom teeth extractions without referring you to another office. Wisdom teeth often develop and become symptomatic in your teens or early twenties. We understand that no one wants to hear they are ready to have their wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Mullenaux and his qualified team use local anesthetic and nitrous oxide to ensure the most relaxing and comfortable procedure possible. 

When are wisdom teeth problematic?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to appear in the oral caavity. Due to this, most people dont have enough space for them to fully erupt into place properly and typically can lead to complications such as:

1. Impaction: If your jaw is not large enough for the wisdom teeth to erupt, they become stuck in the jaw bone. This often leads to discomfort and infeciton.

2. Partial Eruption: Sometimes wisdom teeth have enough room to only erupt half way. When this occurs, often it is still partially covered with gum tissue and traps food, debris, and bacteria and will cause an infection.

3. Damage to the neighboring teeth - In some cases, wisdom teeth with try to force their way in and cause damage to the teeth Infront of them. This can also promote bone cysts and growth in the area.

4. Increased risk for gum disease - When wisdom teeth partially or fully erupt, they are extremely far back in the mouth. This makes it very difficult for you to keep them clean enough and also makes it challenging for hygienists to clean due to their anatomy. Often as a result, patients develop gum disease (periodontal disease).

Schedule an appointment today to prevent complications due to wisdom teeth!

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