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Dental Crowns

Natural tooth colored option to fix broken or decayed teeth.

Dental crowns appear natural.

Dental Crowns

Dr. Mullenaux will always use a conservative approach when recommending restorative treatment but when a tooth has a bigger problem, he will recommend a crown to properly restore your tooth for the best possible outcome. When cavities are too large, or teeth are significantly broken crowns are used to stop any cavities (decay) from progressing and cover the tooth for protection. We can even use crowns in some cases to close gaps! Dr. Mullenaux can match the color of your crown to your existing teeth and uses a porcelain material for the most natural look.

What is the process for dental crowns?

The process for creating dental crowns takes little time and is an easy process. Dr. Mullenaux will create your crown from start to finish usually within two appointments. The first appointment we will make the proper tooth preparations, scan the tooth for a custom fit, and create a temporary crown for you in house while we wait for the finished product. We work very closely with our laboratory, and we will typically receive the final crown within one to two weeks' time. Dr. Mullenaux will then schedule you for a second appointment and we will deliver your final crown.

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