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Root Canals

Queen Creek Dental offers root canal treatments in office!

Let us help you save your teeth

Root Canal Treatment

When teeth become infected or have extensive decay that is effecting the nerve in the tooth it can be very painful and cause health complications. Root canal treatments are a great way to stop pain and infection without having to remove your natural tooth. Dr. Mullenaux is highly skilled in root canals and can perform most of them in our office in one appointment, so you won't have to worry about being referred out. Patient comfort is our biggest priority, Dr. Mullenaux and his team will do everything possible to ensure you have a good experience!

Benefits to having a root canal

Root canal treatments allow Dr. Mullenaux to remove the source of infection by removing the nerve in the tooth. This will relieve any pain you are experiencing and has many benefits:

1. Allows you to keep your natural tooth.

2. Removes the source of the infection and restores your oral health.

3. Painless same day procedure

4. After a root canal there is little to no down time, and you can resort back to your normal daily activities.

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